The End

Ok, I think nothing will happen here anymore. Making videos is very time consuming. Maybe one day I’ll will restart again, but right now this is the end of obc production. Please enjoy my past work. If you want to see what I’m doing now go ahead to my photography blog or

Thanks and goodbye.


Not dead

This blog isn’t dead. Well, not really. Originally I used this to show my little videos, but unfortunately there was no time for doing new vfx-shots (my little boy is very time consuming). I still hope that this will change in the future. First step: New camera. I love my new Panasonic GH2. Full-HD, 24p. Awesome. Just check my youtube link on the right.

Stay tuned, there will be more on this blog in the future …


I’m a big link-collector. Every interesting link about video-making and vfx is landing in my bookmarks. Here are some  links I collected over the last months:

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Ten years of The Orphanage

Yesterday Stu announced that The Orphanage will be suspending operations indefinitely. 😦

For those who didn’t know about The Orphanage


Ok, time to wake up and blow the dust of this blog 🙂

“Time” and “Patience” are the keywords why this blog fall asleep nearly a year ago. I hope that I can invest more in this blog in the future, because that whole video-thingie is still my greatest passion (in the last months more theoretical than practical, but even this should be blog-worthy).

So, let’s start over …

Stage6 Shut-down

Ok, Stage6 is no more. So all my Stage6 links aren’t working now until I get a good alternative to Stage6.

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Project P

Another little VFX video inspired by some more tutorials out there. And yes, in the end of the whole process I was just too lazy to add detailed sound effects. 🙂

Hi-Def Version at Stage6 … here